2023 Lengthsman Activity

Tasks carried out by Lengthsman Team, Craig and Rachael Howe

Lengthsman tasks in Millennium Wood

March '24 The last 3 trees adjacent to power lines have been pollarded by HiLine. Since the end of February Craig and Rachael have started vegetation management: cutting the grass in the cemetery and millennium wood. Millennium wood is still quite wet in places so there are some areas they will leave until it’s dry enough to get on them to cut. They have also been tidying the cemetery including the Garden of Rest, trimming back the hedges and trees overhanging the paths and removing plastics. They have been carrying out thinning in Millennium Wood, removing some of the worst affected ash trees focusing mainly on those that are close to the rides and areas of higher footfall.


February '24 Pollarding the trees on The Green. Lengthsman Craig Howe assisted by Reuben pollarded till all the trees clear of power lines. The trees have been regularly pollarded since their planting over a century ago. The work is funded by HH Parish Council as is the rôle of Parish Lengthsman.

January '24 Tuesday 2nd our Parish Lengthsman Team Craig and Rachael were continuing their work on clearing drain grids in the parish, this time between Low Ham and Henley (near Wishal). To quote Rachael, ‘Very satisfying work and many ‘puddles’ were banished!’  As we are all aware, grids and grips across the parish and beyond, are getting blocked quicker than they can be cleared  - it’s a never-ending task! They plan to continue this work over the Winter season. 


December '23 Craig and Rachael Bramble bashing and hedge trimming  continued in Millennium Wood. Thinning will continue, to allow growing space for healthy trees and lose the look of a plantation. The felling of diseased ash trees will continue.

October '23 Craig and Rachael cleared the grids and grips in Low Ham and Long Street and inspected the drainage throughout the parish during periods of rainfall and cleared where they could see a need - Usual story of the inlets getting blocked quicker than they can clear them! They plan to continue this over the Winter season.

The Green: Craig has submitted the application to Somerset Council to carry out tree works in the conservation area for completing the pollarding of trees. It is hoped to have permission by the 4th of January.
‘Keep off the Grass’ signs removed.

Millennium Wood: recent work has included hedge trimming and reinstatement of rotted sections of Woodhenge, the repair of a broken bench in the "outdoor classroom" area.
Plans for further works at Millennium Wood include bramble bashing, pond clearance and thinning.

Craig is now qualified to do tree surveys, which might be a useful exercise to do for the trees owned by the parish to establish the overall condition of them on the various sites such as the green, cemetery, playing field,The Pound.

August '23 Craig and Rachael spent 2 days installing additional bollards on The Green and Little Green to prevent further vehicle erosion and, more importantly, stop the dangerous term-time parking along the main road through The Green. The work was funded by HH PC.


April '23 Rachael Howe, a member of High Ham's Parish Lengthsman Team, was commissioned by High Ham Parish Council to make a new set of 20 'Lost Words' plaques for Millennium Wood, to replace the old ones. The plaques were installed in the woodland on the 18th April. Each plaque has a brief description on the reverse. The plaques were inspired by the book The Lost Words: A Spell Book  written by Robert MacFarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. From Acorn to Weasel, the hand-illustrated, large-format spell book celebrates the natural world and the words disappearing from children's lives, words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn, Lark ...


February/March '23:   Millennium Wood: Craig and Rachael have carried out further felling of diseased ash trees; replaced some of the broken Stepping Stumps; reset the broken sign for the Outdoor Classroom? Mowing of paths and rides and restarted.

The Green: 3 bollards have been replaced on the green. There will be a site meeting first week of April  with Craig and Dave  to decide other possible sites for bollards to prevent on-grass and dangerous parking on main road-side through The Green.

Cemetery: Clearance work around the wall and fence in the cemetery has begun.
Mowing and strimming has restarted
January '23: Cemetery: Craig continued felling of selected trees, clearing overhanging vegetation from paths.