High Ham Pre School


 High Ham Pre-school is situated in the heart of the village in the grounds of the village school, on the outskirts of Langport in Somerset. 

The Pre-school is  a registered charity, managed by a parent's committee and has been running since 1992. High Ham Pre-school is proud to offer a great setting.

"Provision is outstanding and overall children's needs are met extremely well" (Ofsted 2012).

High Ham Pre-school has grown from a part time sessional Pre-school operating from a disused classroom within the school building to a great  establishment offering excellent Pre-school education from 8.45am - 3.15pm. The Pre-school is now responsible for the wrap-around care that is run  within High Ham C of E Primary School, enabling our hours to be extended from 7.30am - 6pm daily.

 Together with parents we work hard to ensure that children are happy and achieve their highest potential in a caring  environment. All our Pre-school staff are professionally qualified, motivated and personally committed to providing  the highest quality care and education for Pre-school children.




 We are always looking to provide the children at Pre-school with new and up-to-date equipment and resources   enabling  them to experience a wide range of activities. In previous years we have benefitted enormously from  government and  charitable funding grants. These have enabled us to build new premises, provide wonderful new indoor and outdoor play environments  including equipment  and a small programme of 'visitors in' for the children. We are committed to continuing with grant applications where we think they  will  benefit the setting.

 As a Pre-school there are many legal requirements with which we have to comply; a condition of our registration is  inspection regularly by OFSTED. As  amember of the Pre-school Learning Alliance we ensure that we are kept up-  to-date with information and training opportunities. The planning and  assessment of activities during the Pre-  school day are carried out in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and encourage children    to  be party to planning their learning environment. We also fulfil all objectives laid out within the Somerset Code of  Practice and the Special Educational  Needs  Code of Practice. 





   If you require more information or would like to pay us a visit please take a look at:

   Our website www.highhampreschool.co.uk

   Contact us on tel: 01458 259739

   Email: high_ham_preschool@hotmail.co.uk