High Ham Cemetery TA10 9DL

Owned and managed by High Ham Parish Council

For enquiries about the cemetery, please contact the clerk

Important information February 2023: Please note that from Monday 3rd April 2023 it will not be possible to reserve burial plots within the cemetery, new graves will be allocated in rotation.

Artificial or plastic flowers and wreaths are not permitted on graves. The council reserves the right to remove any flowers, floral tributes, wreaths or other items from graves which have deteriorated or become unsightly and may interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.

The following cemetery management and regulations  were approved at a meeting of the Council in July 2023 - regulations

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The cemetery maintenance is carried out by the Parish Lengthsman Team - Craig Howe and Rachael Howe

Parish Family History Research - some useful website links


                1924 consecration of High Ham Cemetery                           2019 Ellis and Co. of Frome restored the lychgate's oak gates and cross