Highways - reporting faults, damage, issues

Within the Parish of High Ham there is a diverse network of roads ranging from a section of the B3153 at Picts Hill to the smaller lanes such as Turn Hill, Broadacre and Wagg Drove. These roads and highways are maintained by Somerset Council.

High Ham PC liaise with South Somerset Highways reporting issues which could be a danger to road users now or in the future such as potholes, flooding, stones placed on verges, damaged signs and overhanging hedges to name a few. The Highways team check out each item reported by the public and parish/town councils and take such action as is deemed appropriate at the time. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, not all issues can be resolved immediately but keeping our roads in good repair is an ongoing process. 

For more information regarding our roads please visit the following websites:

Somerset Council: reporting problems on roads

Highways England

Riparian Rights and Resposibilities


Stones on Verges
be aware that stones placed on verges are a hazard to road users. The Parish Council asks residents not to place obstructions onto verges and to be aware that any individual who places boulders, stones or other obstructions onto public grass verges to protect the grass from being driven on may be legally liable for any damage, injury or incident that occurs as a result of the obstruction placed there. To report the unauthorised use of a highway verge please report to Somerset Highways.