Bells and Bellringers

An experienced ringer, or wanting to learn?

If you are interested in joining the St Andrew's ringing team, contact Tower Captain John Vigar 01458 250536

Ringing practice first Wednesday of the month, 7.30


The bells

Early in 2012, there were problems with bells 2 and 3. The bells were still on their original plain bearings and were now seizing up.  Bob Parker, who grew up in High Ham and learnt to ring at St Andrews, had to rehang the bells on sealed roller bearings as he had done to bells 1, 2 and 5 in 2001.

In January 2016, a redundant bell from Chawton Church, Hampshire, was installed by Bob Parker. (see 'recent events' below)

        Tenor : installed January 2016 by Robert Parker. From Chawton Church, Hampshire. Weight 17cwt 1qr 2lb Note E flat

                2: cast by Robert Austen 2nd Compton Dundon 1665. Recast in 1887 by Llwellins and James of Bristol. Weight 5cwt. 0qrs 23lbs Note B flat

                3: cast by Robert Austen 1st of Compton Dundon 1641. Weight 6cwt 3qrs 8lbs Note A flat

                4: cast c1450. Weight 9cwt  1qrs 14lbs Note G

                5: cast by Thomas Bayley of Bridgwater 1763. Weight 12cwt 1qrs 4lbs Note F

                6: cast by George Davis of Bridgwater 1795. Weight 17cwt 1qrs 2lbs Note E flat old concert pitch

Bellringers of the past                                                                                      


                    25th May 1920 bellringers Club Day              16th June 1951 Nora Ford's wedding day

'No bells were rung during the war, it was like a blackout, no noise, no lights. I know that our bells were overhauled in 1919, just after the war. They were rung muffled every Remembrance Day from 1921. In the past, the vicar would have wanted them rung every Sunday for the service. They'd ring for Club Day, weddings, royal occasions and other celebrations or events in the village - any excuse! The ringers used to get food and drink, they didn't ring for money then. Hackie Crossman, he was the Tower Captain, then Simon Spearing took it on, then Arthur Scriven - he was a relation of Hackie's. Jack Cullen, Jo Hurd, Cliff Crossman, Andrew and Fred Ford, Ted Priddle, they were all ringers. There wasn't so much entertainment before the 1950s so ringing was probably the highlight of the week then, a social occasion, they just met every week and rung the bells and have a drink up in the tower, and I daresay they'd finish up at the drinking house on the Little Green or in the pub. Harry Inder wasn't a ringer, but I know he would often appear up the tower with a flagon of his cider. The bellringers had an outing every year. They'd go round the village and ask people to contribute to their outing. I know Mr Hartley, who lived in the School House, he would give Simon Spearing a sum of money NOT to ring the bells!'  John Vigar, Tower Captain  

Bellringing recent events

11.11.2018 Armistice Commemoration 

2017 Christmas Eve ringing 

01.05.2017 Open Day for 25 Somerset churches for visiting bellringers. 20 bellringers from far and wide - Pickering, Doncaster, Teignmouth, Isle of Wight, East Grinstead, Bredon Hill, Bristol...came to ring the bells between 4.30 and 5.30.

27.05.2016 1260 Doubles.60 Stedman, 600 Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles. FIrst quarter since augmentation to 6 bells.

1. Dave Kelly, 2. Bob Parker, 3. Becky Dunnett, 4. Mark Woollen, 5. Mervyn G Buckley, 6. John Vigar - Tower Captain

2013 Christmas Eve  'St Andrew's ringing team' by High Ham artist Kate Lynch, commissioned by Amanda Chuter

                                                                        from left: John Vigar, Jane Vigar, Amanda Chuter, Debbie Long, Roger Hall



2011 Ringers whitewashing the ringing chamber